The Prophet's Prayer (SAWS)




Then he (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) would commence the prayer by saying:

Allaah is the Greatest60

He ordered "the man who prayed badly" to do likewise as has been mentioned, and he said to him: Verily, the prayer of a person is not complete until he has made an ablution which has included the necessary parts of the body and has then said: 'Allaahu Akbar'.61

He would also used to say: The key to the prayer is purification, it is entered by takbeer and exited by tasleem.62

Also, "he used to raise his voice for the takbeer such that those behind him could hear."63 But, "when he fell ill Abu Bakr used to raise his voice to convey the takbeer of the Messenger (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) to the people."64

He would also say: When the Imaam says: Allaahu Akbar, then say: Allaahu Akbar.65

Raising the Hands

He would raise his hands sometimes with the takbeer,66 sometimes after the takbeer,67 and sometimes before it.68

"He would raise them with fingers apart [not spaced out, nor together]",69 and "he would put them level with his shoulders"70, although occasionally, "he would raise them until they were level with [the tops of] his ears."71

To Place the Right Arm on the Left Arm, and the command for it

"He (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) used to place his right arm on his left arm"72, and he used to say: We, the company of prophets, have been commanded to hasten the breaking of the fast, to delay the meal before the fast, and to place our right arms on our left arms during prayer.73

Also "he passed by a man who was praying and had placed his left arm on his right, so he pulled them apart and placed the right on the left."74

To Place the Hands on the Chest

"He used to place the right arm on the back of his left palm, wrist and forearm"75, "and he commanded his companions to do likewise"76, and (sometimes) "he would grasp his left arm with his right."77

"He used to place them on his chest."78

Also "he used to forbid putting one's hand on the waist during prayer [and he put his hand on his waist (to demonstrate)]"79. And this is the "silb" which he used to forbid.80

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