The Prophet's Prayer (saws)

Chapter 3 Footnotes


1 This is a mutawaatir fact, so detail is not necessaary, although some of the evidence for it will follow.

2 see Appendix 3.

3 Collected by Bukhaari, Muslim & Siraaj.

4 Collected by Bukhaari, Muslim & Siraaj. Its takhreej is given in Irwaa' al-Ghaleel (289 & 588)

5 Muslim; Tirmidhi declared it saheeh.

6 Abu Daawood, Ibn Hibbaan in Thiqaat (1/12), Diyaa' in Mukhtaarah with a hasan sanad,; Ibn as-Sukn declared it saheeh, as did Ibn Al-Mulaqqin in Khulaasah badr al-Muneer (22/1) and, before them, `Abdul Haqq al-Ishbeeli in his Ahkaam (no. 1394 with my checking). Ahmad used it as proof, as Ibn Haani reported from him in his Masaa'il(1/67).

7 Ahmad & Tirmidhi , who declared it saheeh.

8 Bukhaari & Ahmad.

9 Bukhaari & Muslim.

10 Baihaqi with a sanad meeting the requirements of Bukhaari and Muslim.

11 Tirmidhi and Haakim, who declared it saheeh, and I have given it in Irwaa' al-Ghaleel (292), the publication of which Allaah has made easy.

12 Daaraqutni, Haakim, Baihaqi, Tirmidhi, Ibn Maajah & Tabaraani; it is given in Irwaa' (296)

13 Bukhaari, Muslim, Ahmad, Siraaj, Tabaraani (3/108/2) & Ibn Sa`d (1/234). It is also in Irwaa' (290)