The Prophet's Prayer (SAWS) Chapter 12 Footnotes

170Muslim & Abu `Awaanah. The pause negated in this hadeeth could be a pause for reciting an opening supplication, and not include a pause for reciting the isti`aadhah, or it could be wider in meaning than that; I find the former possibility more convincing. There are two views among the scholars regarding the isti`aadhah, and we regard the correct one as being that it is to be said in every rak`ah; the details of all this are given in al-Asl.

171Abu Daawood & Ahmad with a strong sanad.

172Bukhaari & Muslim.

173Ahmad with a good isnaad.

174Ibn Maajah, Ibn Hibbaan in his Saheeh & Ahmad in Ibn Haani's Masaa'il (1/52). Jaabir bin `Abdullaah (radi Allaahu `anhu) said, "He who prays a rak`ah in which he does not recite the Mother of the Qur'aan has not prayed, except behind an imaam" - related by Maalik in Muwatta'.